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How to Create the Most Clickable Video Content, According to AI

Which colors work best on screen? How many people should you cast? The answers are as much about science as they are about art. Shooting a brilliant video takes a fair amount of vision and instinct, no doubt. But, it can also take a lot of guesswork. How can you ever really know what will […]

Not Just for Laughs: How to Make and Use Animated GIFs

Sure, GIFs are best known for their meme potential. But, they’re also a useful, low-lift design tool. We’ll prove it! When Steve Wilhite invented the Graphic Interchange Format, or GIF, I’m pretty certain he never expected it to become such an iconic part of pop culture. But, GIFs are good for more than viral memes. […]

Upgrade Your Product Shots with FREE Video Overlays

Lend movement and excitement to your product shots with these FREE video footage overlay packs, featuring fog effects, light leaks, and more! A lot of detailed work goes into making product shots look good—lighting, lens filters, backdrops, etc. However, even with all of those things, most products are still going to be relatively stationary. An […]

5 Filmmaking Software Programs You Didn’t Know You Needed

Take a look at these five software programs that are sure to spark your filmmaking creativity. Tutorials included! Learn about five different software programs you didn’t know you needed for filmmaking. (Or, maybe you’ve heard of them, but not sure where to start.) A lot of these programs are free and we’ve included links to […]

Watch: A Candid Conversation Dealing with Race on Set

Executive producer Tanya Jones shares her experiences as a Black woman in a predominately white, male-dominated industry. Welcome to Shutterstoop, a video series in which Shutterstock’s senior director of content marketing, Jennifer Braunschweiger, has a casual conversation with a colleague from her stoop in Brooklyn, New York. In this installment, she sits down with executive […]

14mm Focal Length for Filming Conversational Scenes

Filming conversational scenes can be tricky. Let’s look at how to use a wide-angle lens and NOT cause distortion. You could easily argue that there’s a generic focal length used for filming everyday conversations. The favorites are 35mm, 24mm, and 50mm. Of course, these focal lengths somewhat increase if you’re using a sensor outside of […]