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The Secret’s in the Sauce: Ingredients of an Era-Defining Logo

A logo acts as a shortcut, representing everything your company stands for. That can only be achieved, however, if your logo is awesome! When you’re just starting out with your brilliant new business idea, there’s plenty to think about. Reserves and resources are likely to be tight. Everything is up in the air. It’s probably […]

Design Tips That Every Legit Eco-Friendly Brand Needs to Know

So much of the “green” messaging out there is misleading. Here’s how companies that truly care about the environment can provide honest and effective branding. A company’s decision to “go green” can sometimes feel more like a trendy statement than an authentic attempt at protecting the environment. While there are many brands that are genuinely […]

Visual Language: Cybersecurity Awareness Through Imagery

Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, climate science. They all have an image problem. Here’s why effective visuals matter. Earlier this spring, while co-hosting a breakfast series with the DC think tank New America, I joined a conversation about the pressing need for better visual representation in cybersecurity. The “hacker in a dark room” imagery that’s ordinarily featured […]

How Subtle Pastel Colors Can Make a Big Impact in Your Designs

Discover the historical origins, symbolism, and psychological power of pastels, and how to use these ethereal colors in your design projects. Lemon, pistachio, mint, and lavender—as delicious and frivolous as gelato flavors, pastel colors inject joy and lightness into design schemes. While pastels have traditionally been used in children’s branding, creative designers are revisiting these […]

How We Search It: Black Hair

To truly represent Black hair, creators must showcase more than sleek, straight styles. Image by Victoria Chudinova. I’ve had many hairstyles in my twenty-something years: As a kid, I got my hair professionally straightened every month. As a teen, I turned to extensions. In college, I went with box braids. Each look was different—and each […]

How to Make Your Retail Space More Photo-Worthy

How do you design a retail space consistent with all your channels—and not just in photographs? You design “Instagrammable” moments. Creating a successful retail space is challenging. The store must be experiential, offering something a website can’t. And functional, with good flow, well-highlighted products, and the ability to sell. Hit those marks and you’re on […]

Send in the Drones: A Travel Photographer’s View on Aerial Images

How Paul Prescott, travel photographer and video artist, went from one-man-show to head of an agency specializing in the view from above. During his career as a travel photographer and video artist, Paul Prescott covered a lot of territory on his bicycle with camera in tow. So, it only stood to reason that he eventually […]

Prepare Your Video for Social Exports with These Simple Steps

Demystify the process of preparing your videos for social exports so you can start posting to all of your channels. To the social media manager’s dismay, each social media platform tends to have a slightly different requirement for posting video content. As a result, you’re not often able to use the same video export for […]

The Cunning and Continuing Power of Motion Design

Discover why motion design is here to say, and the basics you need to know in order to start growing your own motion skills. In the Before Times, motion design was already in ascendency and had been for quite some time. However, when the pandemic hit, as other design disciplines started to falter with projects […]

How to Retouch Portraits with These Photoshop Tools

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make subtle adjustments that enhance the subject’s natural beauty by using four Photoshop tools. Photoshop is often the last and most important step to enhancing your portrait photography. There are endless techniques to retouching and it’s best to use these tools—not to change a photo, but simply refine […]