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How We Show It: Masculinity

Such a broad term, open for multitudes of interpretation, masculinity is, at its core, a delicate subject. Definitely worth tackling. When I started acting a few years ago, I thought I needed to alter my voice to sound more masculine. Masculine being a euphemism for straight, of course. I did exercises at home to find […]

Voice of the Artist: How One Brazilian Photographer Approaches Inclusivity

In this candid interview, photographer Júlia Amaral shares her thoughts on the importance of inclusivity in her work. When Júlia Amaral started watching the popular Swedish teen drama Young Royals on Netflix, she was taken aback. “The kids actually looked like kids—they had pimples and messy, frizzy hair,” she says. “At first, it was so […]

Where Does the AAPI Community Fit into the Body Positivity Movement?

Asian Americans are often depicted as doctors or delivery-people, nerds or sexpots. And body-image issues within the AAPI community? They’re rarely acknowledged. Here’s why that needs to change. At an indoor play space, a mom eyed me as I watched my twin daughters. “Twins and pregnant with another? Wow,” she said. “No. I’m just fat,” […]

Class Is in Session: How to Create Authentic Classroom Photos

Back-to-school season is upon us (no, really). Check out these expert tips and tricks for making classroom photos that resonate. It’s not exactly hard to take an adorable shot of a fourth-grader or a sly shot of a high-schooler, but when you’re a photographer on a budget, you can’t always count on kids to deliver […]

14mm Focal Length for Filming Conversational Scenes

Filming conversational scenes can be tricky. Let’s look at how to use a wide-angle lens and NOT cause distortion. You could easily argue that there’s a generic focal length used for filming everyday conversations. The favorites are 35mm, 24mm, and 50mm. Of course, these focal lengths somewhat increase if you’re using a sensor outside of […]

Watch: Tips for Showing “Mature Female Friendships”

In this installment, the discussion focuses on the right (and wrong) way to show mature female friendships. Welcome to Shutterstoop, a video series in which Shutterstock’s senior director of content marketing, Jennifer Braunschweiger, has a casual conversation with a colleague from her stoop in Brooklyn, New York. In this installment, she sits down with contributor […]

Photographing Musicians: Staying Away from Cliché Shots

Ever wondered how to escape cliché shots of musicians? Not stereotypical shots, but images with character? We’ll show you! Musicians, like any other artists, make wonderful subjects because they’re their own creative selves. As a photographer, you’ll want to capitalize on this. Photographing people who are always in front of the camera can pose a […]

How We Search It: Black Hair

To truly represent Black hair, creators must showcase more than sleek, straight styles. Image by Victoria Chudinova. I’ve had many hairstyles in my twenty-something years: As a kid, I got my hair professionally straightened every month. As a teen, I turned to extensions. In college, I went with box braids. Each look was different—and each […]