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The History of Photo-Worthy Summer Stripes in 20 Images

As synonymous with summer as sunshine and cocktails, fresh striped fabrics and designs never fall out of style. Take a moment to look around you and down at what you’re wearing. Chances are, you’ll spy a striped pattern somewhere in view. Stripes certainly claim to be one of the most chameleonic and enduring patterns, adaptable […]

How to Create the Illusion of Movement in Static Design

Harnessing the power of illusory movement can produce dynamic images. We’ll discuss simple design techniques to bring static visuals to life. Static images lack movement by definition. However, they can incorporate the illusion of movement via design.  Movement is a core design principle many designers employ to bring an element of aliveness into their work. […]

What Is Regenerative Travel, and Why It’s the Future of Tourism

With travel on the post-pandemic horizon, here’s why regenerative travel matters more than ever, and how we visualize this travel trend. Last year, The New York Times hailed regenerative travel as the future of tourism. So, what exactly is regenerative travel? Simply put, regenerative travel is about working to actively improve a place. It prioritizes the […]

How We Search It: Kids’ Food

Peas, carrots, and everything in-between. Explore how to find realistic (and beautiful) images of kids’ food. Why and how we eat food has changed dramatically over the past few decades, and the same goes for our kids. Rather than simply hitting all the checkmarks on whatever standard government food guide says, kids’ food is going […]

The Photographer’s Intro to Clubhouse and Clubs You Should Join

It may seem counterintuitive to recommend an audio-only social app to photographers, but hear us out—there’s a lot this new app has to offer. Welcome to the next era of social media: audio. Clubhouse—the live audio-only social media app—launched in 2020. Within a year, it has quickly grown to ten million users. The platform has […]

Color Forecasting: How Are Color Trends Created?

How are these color trends created, who creates them, and are they simply a spontaneous fad? Let’s take a look. With color forecasting influential in generating billions for the retail sector each year, color trends are no flash in the pan. In fact, color forecasting is a specialist industry, with experts from a range of […]

10 Fresh, FREE, Fantastic Rainbow Color Palettes

Rainbows symbolize optimism, positivity, and diversity in popular culture. Try these fresh takes on the classic rainbow palette. With Apple having just released a rainbow-tinted range of new iMac models, an optimistic and ultra-colorful approach to branding and graphics is set to be a huge trend in 2021. Here, you’ll learn more about the fascinating […]

How to Add Music to Enhance Your Slideshow Presentation

Music adds energy to slideshows. We’ll show you how to add music to Google Slides for free, in order to better hold your audience’s attention. Music enhances any slideshow. Think about your favorite films for a moment. Without music, would they be as powerful? In truth, they probably wouldn’t. Music raises action to a level […]

What Will the Soundtrack for Summer 2021 Entail?

As the world cautiously reopens, we look for music to provide the soundtrack to our re-emergence. The question is: What will our song be? In the face of unspeakable adversity and tragedy, mankind has always looked to music as a way to provide evocation of our collective emotions. For the past year, as concert venues […]

The Art and Soul of Dance Photography

Dance photography can communicate both the inherent spirit of its subject—the dancer’s personality and individual style—and the emotion or intention underlying a gesture. Legendary modern American dancer Martha Graham wrote that it’s rare to find the photographer who “can capture the instant of a dance and transform it into a timeless gesture.” Graham did find that person […]