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How to Add Music to Enhance Your Slideshow Presentation

Music adds energy to slideshows. We’ll show you how to add music to Google Slides for free, in order to better hold your audience’s attention. Music enhances any slideshow. Think about your favorite films for a moment. Without music, would they be as powerful? In truth, they probably wouldn’t. Music raises action to a level […]

2021’s Wedding Design Guide for Photographers and Designers

Watch for these wedding design trends in the coming year, and learn how creatives can respond and adapt to a rapidly changing wedding culture. After a restrictive year for couples and a crippling one for the wedding industry, getting married has never felt more meaningful . . . and long overdue. An overly organized and […]

International Women’s Day: FREE Illustrations of Women Pioneers

Discover seven women activists who made their marks in history, and learn new ways to use their portraits in projects that add to the greater conversation of women’s accomplishments. Society owes much of its current iteration to the contributions of women. In every part of the world’s history, women have improved the arts, government, medicine, […]

5 Tips on Preparing Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Add some pumpkin spice to your copy and holiday cheer to your images with these five tips for marketing your business during the holidays. Nothing heralds the arrival of the holidays like cooler weather, peppermint lattes, and seasonal brand content. Kids aren’t the only ones looking forward to the holidays; it’s also an exciting time […]

Anti-Racism Resources for Creatives to Become Better Allies

We’ve gathered a list of anti-racism and racial justice resources to help support the education of creatives and small businesses to become better allies for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. The Black Lives Matter protests have sparked a national and international conversation about the systemic racism pervasive in our society, bringing to light […]