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Visual Language: Cybersecurity Awareness Through Imagery

Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, climate science. They all have an image problem. Here’s why effective visuals matter. Earlier this spring, while co-hosting a breakfast series with the DC think tank New America, I joined a conversation about the pressing need for better visual representation in cybersecurity. The “hacker in a dark room” imagery that’s ordinarily featured […]

Cash in on 2021’s Canine-Crypto Moment with 20 Stock Dogecoin Assets

Here, we’ll discuss the history of Dogecoin, what it is exactly, and the photo-worthy images to incorporate into your next project. Dogecoin is up, it’s down, it’s in your newsfeed. And, thanks to Elon Musk, it’s gone mainstream on Saturday Night Live. The cryptocurrency Dogecoin is seemingly everywhere this month, maybe even in your own […]

Why Video is Critical, Especially Now

Navigating through the uncharted waters of self-isolation and a global pandemic has left consumers and businesses alike grappling with the new normal. We’ve found ourselves in a world where communication is key to understanding what’s going on, keeping ties with our loved ones, and creating a semblance of normalcy. Through this, businesses are questioning what’s […]