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6 Summer Color Palettes We’re Loving That Aren’t Yellow

The color of summer isn’t just yellow. Here are six palettes we’re loving that will bring some summer sizzle to your next creative project. While we associate the season’s endless sunshine with its trademark hue—yellow—there’s a whole array of color inspiration to draw from when the temperatures rise.  Heat-stricken days call for the soothing tones […]

The Rise of Minimalist Illustrations: Why We’re Attracted to Simplicity

Brightly-colored illustrations take a break as minimalism draws in the general public. Discover why this is not a coincidence. The first social media website—Six Degrees—was born in 1997. But Friendster, in 2002, is probably one of the most-remembered. A year later, Myspace surfaced, which had 25 million users by 2005. We’re really into sharing parts […]

Pantone Colors: What They Are and How to Use Them

Let’s unlock the secrets of Pantone colors to find out how designers, artists, and manufacturers use them in both print and web designs. Learn everything you need to know about designing with Pantone colors, how Pantone chooses their Color(s) of the Year, and where you can find even more color inspiration. What Is Pantone? Pantone […]

The End of Summer Stereotypes: Conveying Summer Themes in 2021

Bored of sunset backgrounds and palm tree overlays? There are plenty of ways to convey summer without resorting to overused stereotypes. For photographers, illustrators, designers, and marketers, creating summer-themed imagery doesn’t need to be limited to exotic holidays and brightly-hued cocktails. This year, make your designs relevant and unique with imagery themed on backyard vacations, […]

Idealism and Identity: The Cultural Meanings of Rainbows

Let’s take a look at the significance of rainbows throughout history and how they’re used in visuals today. For centuries, everyone from theologians and mathematicians to philosophers and activists have used the rainbow to inspire, challenge, and explain our world.  Take a look at the ethereal history and symbolism of the rainbow, and how we […]

The History of Photo-Worthy Summer Stripes in 20 Images

As synonymous with summer as sunshine and cocktails, fresh striped fabrics and designs never fall out of style. Take a moment to look around you and down at what you’re wearing. Chances are, you’ll spy a striped pattern somewhere in view. Stripes certainly claim to be one of the most chameleonic and enduring patterns, adaptable […]

Color Forecasting: How Are Color Trends Created?

How are these color trends created, who creates them, and are they simply a spontaneous fad? Let’s take a look. With color forecasting influential in generating billions for the retail sector each year, color trends are no flash in the pan. In fact, color forecasting is a specialist industry, with experts from a range of […]

10 Fresh, FREE, Fantastic Rainbow Color Palettes

Rainbows symbolize optimism, positivity, and diversity in popular culture. Try these fresh takes on the classic rainbow palette. With Apple having just released a rainbow-tinted range of new iMac models, an optimistic and ultra-colorful approach to branding and graphics is set to be a huge trend in 2021. Here, you’ll learn more about the fascinating […]

Oscar Pop! 2021’s Best Picture Nominees as Original Pop Art Posters

Take a look at this year’s posters, and see how iconic art, masterful storytelling, and creative passion inspire something truly unique. After a year of empty theaters, shuttered movie sets, and shuffled release dates, the upcoming 93rd Academy Awards ceremony offers proof that the film industry is slowly, but surely, getting back to work. Of […]

Emerging Trends of Cryptocurrency Design

The ethos of cryptocurrency is informing the future of crypto design. Discover how creatives can incorporate these values in their own work. By now, just about everyone has heard about cryptocurrency. As the latest evolution of value, digital currencies have, in many ways, revolutionized the world of finance as we know it. Thousands of years […]