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10 Unique Ways to Get Coverage of a Single Location

Here are ten different ways you can film a location for selling stock footage—or for your own client videos! When it comes to filming a location, time is money. You probably have a limited timeline for filming—either for stock footage or for a client project—so you need to get the most out of your coverage. […]

How to Create the Illusion of Movement in Static Design

Harnessing the power of illusory movement can produce dynamic images. We’ll discuss simple design techniques to bring static visuals to life. Static images lack movement by definition. However, they can incorporate the illusion of movement via design.  Movement is a core design principle many designers employ to bring an element of aliveness into their work. […]

U.S., France, Canada – FREE Patriotic Clip Art Bundle

The 4th of July, Bastille Day, and Canada Day—3 clip art packs, all in one FREE download bundle. Download today! The month of July marks the independence day of not one, not two, but three countries at once. On July 1st, Canada celebrates Canada Day. A few days later, on July 4th, the United States celebrates […]

What Is Regenerative Travel, and Why It’s the Future of Tourism

With travel on the post-pandemic horizon, here’s why regenerative travel matters more than ever, and how we visualize this travel trend. Last year, The New York Times hailed regenerative travel as the future of tourism. So, what exactly is regenerative travel? Simply put, regenerative travel is about working to actively improve a place. It prioritizes the […]

The Photographer’s Intro to Clubhouse and Clubs You Should Join

It may seem counterintuitive to recommend an audio-only social app to photographers, but hear us out—there’s a lot this new app has to offer. Welcome to the next era of social media: audio. Clubhouse—the live audio-only social media app—launched in 2020. Within a year, it has quickly grown to ten million users. The platform has […]

10 Fresh, FREE, Fantastic Rainbow Color Palettes

Rainbows symbolize optimism, positivity, and diversity in popular culture. Try these fresh takes on the classic rainbow palette. With Apple having just released a rainbow-tinted range of new iMac models, an optimistic and ultra-colorful approach to branding and graphics is set to be a huge trend in 2021. Here, you’ll learn more about the fascinating […]

How We Search It: Grief

Images expressing grief are often ones we remember most. Explore how to find these images, and the ethics behind capturing images of grief. Powerful photographs have the ability to touch a person’s heart and soul, instantly connecting them to that captured moment in time. Expressing emotion through images is a requirement in an effective story, […]

Visualizing the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Images

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and it’s changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another. What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Plus, how can we visualize this new era of innovation in images? Explore the emerging technologies driving Industry 4.0 to find out. Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics—along with […]

Tattoo Photography: How to Capture the Beauty of Inked Skin

If you want to specialize in capturing tattooed people on camera, we got you. A deep-dive into what works and what doesn’t. Tattoos are awesome. Perhaps we can all agree on that. But, they can be tricky to photograph. If you want to capture the beauty of inked skin for social media purposes, that may […]

Making the Most of Your Tiny Home Photo Studio

Even a very small studio can be the setting for some great images. Especially if you dare to push some boundaries and do the fun, the weird, and the unusually interesting. Building a photography business requires hustle. It also requires exploring outside your comfort zone in order to deal with the common constraints. Like small […]