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10 Energizing Palettes for Sports Branding and Marketing

Ten winning color palettes for sports branding, including a contemporary scheme for tennis brands and a classic Olympics-inspired palette. With the ability to mentally and physically energize the viewer, color can be a powerful marketing tool for sports design and branding. An intelligent use of color can also be specifically tailored to different sports and […]

How to Effectively Show Climate Change in 25 Images

As extreme weather continues to strike cities across the world, how can we effectively show the damage climate change is doing to our planet? For decades, polar bears and melting ice were the face of climate change. Now, however, the heat-trapping blanket that we’ve wrapped around our planet by burning fossil fuels has begun to […]

Download These FREE (and Adorable) Affirmation Cards for Kids

Help a child develop a healthier mindset with these affirmations—complete with animal illustrations!—for daily encouragement. As the saying goes, children are like sponges. So, why not make sure they absorb information that helps them develop a healthy outlook and strong sense of self? One way to do that is by introducing positive affirmations into their […]

Adjust Your Altitude with Rock Climbing Photographer Alex Eggermont

Ever find yourself hungry for something daring and new? Feed that hunger and explore. Rock climbing photographer Alex Eggermont did. There was really no solid goal. It was just to take off from Belgium. But, what started as a motorcycle trip, the journey took Alex Eggermont through various cities and countries. For Eggermont, this is […]

Class Is in Session: How to Create Authentic Classroom Photos

Back-to-school season is upon us (no, really). Check out these expert tips and tricks for making classroom photos that resonate. It’s not exactly hard to take an adorable shot of a fourth-grader or a sly shot of a high-schooler, but when you’re a photographer on a budget, you can’t always count on kids to deliver […]

Vlogging Strategies: How to up Your Content Game

With video content surging, let’s see how you can kickstart your vlogging game with these simple—but essential—strategies. Video content is on a surge. As TikTok makes a play to become more like YouTube, Instagram is moving in on TikTok’s turf. Never has there been a better time to think about how to incorporate vlogging into […]

14mm Focal Length for Filming Conversational Scenes

Filming conversational scenes can be tricky. Let’s look at how to use a wide-angle lens and NOT cause distortion. You could easily argue that there’s a generic focal length used for filming everyday conversations. The favorites are 35mm, 24mm, and 50mm. Of course, these focal lengths somewhat increase if you’re using a sensor outside of […]

Watch: Tips for Showing “Mature Female Friendships”

In this installment, the discussion focuses on the right (and wrong) way to show mature female friendships. Welcome to Shutterstoop, a video series in which Shutterstock’s senior director of content marketing, Jennifer Braunschweiger, has a casual conversation with a colleague from her stoop in Brooklyn, New York. In this installment, she sits down with contributor […]

15 FREE Kawaii Back-to-School Clip Art Illustrations

It’s that time again. School and all the fun that goes with it. Download these FREE Kawaii Back-to-School Clip Art Pack to make studying fun! With summer break almost over, it’s time to start thinking about school. Sorry kids, summer can’t last forever! So, it’s our job to get them excited about going back. Let’s […]

Visual Language: Cybersecurity Awareness Through Imagery

Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, climate science. They all have an image problem. Here’s why effective visuals matter. Earlier this spring, while co-hosting a breakfast series with the DC think tank New America, I joined a conversation about the pressing need for better visual representation in cybersecurity. The “hacker in a dark room” imagery that’s ordinarily featured […]