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How to Create the Most Clickable Video Content, According to AI

Which colors work best on screen? How many people should you cast? The answers are as much about science as they are about art. Shooting a brilliant video takes a fair amount of vision and instinct, no doubt. But, it can also take a lot of guesswork. How can you ever really know what will […]

Cash in on 2021’s Canine-Crypto Moment with 20 Stock Dogecoin Assets

Here, we’ll discuss the history of Dogecoin, what it is exactly, and the photo-worthy images to incorporate into your next project. Dogecoin is up, it’s down, it’s in your newsfeed. And, thanks to Elon Musk, it’s gone mainstream on Saturday Night Live. The cryptocurrency Dogecoin is seemingly everywhere this month, maybe even in your own […]

How to Work with the Patch Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Here’s everything you need to know about the Patch Tool with this step-by-step tutorial to touch up your images. When you take a picture only to later realize it wasn’t perfect, you don’t have to go back and reshoot the photo. Instead, you can use the help of an image editing software such as Adobe […]

The Psychology Behind Why We Share on Social Media

When it comes to social media sharing, psychology plays an important role. Let’s take a look at five main explanations for this. Social media content is taking over the internet—literally. Twitter’s audience grew 29% year-over-year to a staggering 187 million users, sending out over 500 million tweets per day. On YouTube, users upload 400 hours of […]

How to Add Music to Enhance Your Slideshow Presentation

Music adds energy to slideshows. We’ll show you how to add music to Google Slides for free, in order to better hold your audience’s attention. Music enhances any slideshow. Think about your favorite films for a moment. Without music, would they be as powerful? In truth, they probably wouldn’t. Music raises action to a level […]

FREE Customizable Planner Templates for Adobe Illustrator

Download these FREE Customizable Planner Pages to design your own productivity tool. It’s no secret that our work environments are filled with more unavoidable distractions than ever before. Whether you’re balancing it all under one roof or your to-do list feels never-ending, using a planner can be a pivotal tool to help you tackle your […]

Audio-Only Social Networks Changing the Roles of Social Media Managers

With apps like Clubhouse gaining popularity, social media managers are learning how to deal with yet another new type of platform. Barely a year old and already valued at $1 billion, Clubhouse is the latest social media platform seeking to revolutionize how we communicate. The audio-only app launched in March of 2020 and exploded in […]

7 Ways to Start a Presentation and Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Tired of people looking at their phones while you talk? Learn how to start a presentation so your audience pays attention immediately. It’s possible that people now have a shorter attention span than goldfish. The average goldfish pays attention for eight seconds, while modern consumers may lose interest in just seven seconds. Knowing how to […]

How to Successfully Build Your Place on the Web in 2021

We delve into how you can create your own personal enclave on the web and get started with blogging 2021-style. In the mid-90s, as the internet began to mature from the early days of community forums and online corkboards, blogging was starting its primitive existence in the world. Originally conceptualized as an online diary, bloggers […]

5 Key Digital Marketing Skills to Know (or to Outsource)

Explore where you fall in the digital marketing umbrella, important marketing skills, and whether or not you need to outsource certain tasks. Digital marketing is a key skill in growing and maintaining a strong online presence. Many freelancers and entrepreneurs are tasked with wearing multiple hats. While it’s important to ensure certain areas within the […]