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FREE Spinnable, Transparent 3D Florals: In the Garden with PixelSquid

Get creative with these rotating, fully transparent florals from our PixelSquid site and add a bit of 3D bloom to your designs! Image created entirely with PixelSquid objects. With our acquisition of 3D stock site TurboSquid, we’ve also added their entire collection of 3D-sourced, photorealistic PNG objects (also known as PixelSquid) to the Shutterstock umbrella. […]

Resources for Nurturing an Interest in 3D for Students of All Ages

Here are some 3D resources for parents, teachers, and students that make it easier than ever to access 3D knowledge at any age. As 3D reaches into every conceivable industry, how can we prepare young students for a career in this exciting world? It’s back-to-school season and we’re returning to the swing of things—learning and […]

5 Filmmaking Software Programs You Didn’t Know You Needed

Take a look at these five software programs that are sure to spark your filmmaking creativity. Tutorials included! Learn about five different software programs you didn’t know you needed for filmmaking. (Or, maybe you’ve heard of them, but not sure where to start.) A lot of these programs are free and we’ve included links to […]

Low-Poly Design: 3D Shorthand and Graphic Design Trend

Today, we’ll look at how graphic designers can utilize pre-rendered 2D low-poly models to delve into the world of low-poly art. 3D can be intimidating to anyone just starting out. After all, it takes lots of learning to truly master it. 3D can be intimidating to anyone just starting out. After all, it takes lots […]

How to Convey Moods in Nature Using Unreal Engine

Atmosphere and mood play an important role in any 3D composition. Here are a few useful tips on how to use Unreal Engine to achieve this. How do we convey moods by using colors, lighting, as well as other essential tools and features in Unreal Engine? In the first part of the series, we detailed […]