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Get Spooky with This FREE Halloween Font Download

Give your spooky-season designs a kooky Mid-Century-style feel with this custom typeface. Download your FREE Halloween font now! Want to add a fun-but-sophisticated twist to your Halloween coupons, party invitations, event posters, or social media posts? Check out this FREE Halloween font, Bat Out of Hell. Blending vintage inspiration with contemporary quirky character, Bat Out […]

Chucky? Annabelle? How Dolls Became a Symbol of Horror

Take a look back at the history of spooky dolls, their origin as innocent ancient playthings, and their rise to (probably) cursed objects.  You don’t have to be a horror movie aficionado to know that dolls, no matter the shape or size, can be terrifying. With his menacing grin and wild hair, Chucky set the […]

The Clickiest Halloween Costumes According to Data

Are witches more popular than clowns? Will superheroes perform better than pirates? Here’s what we learned from artificial intelligence. Every year brings new costume trends inspired by current events. While some pop-culture costume predictions may score cool points in 2021, we wanted to find out which will score clicks. Enter Shutterstock.AI. We used the tool […]

When Is It Okay to Use Famous Faces in Your Marketing Materials?

Head of Shutterstock’s Rights and Clearance department, Corky Balch, discusses the legality of using famous faces for your next campaign. Want to include an image of Muhammad Ali in your next ad campaign but don’t know if you have the rights, or how to go about getting them? Using iconic figures to promote brands and […]

Creating Horror Lighting with Just One Light

With Halloween fast approaching, let’s take a look at how you can create an ominous atmosphere for your short film—using just one light. When we think about the core elements of horror lighting, there’s a lot of color to it. A bloody red for villainous moments, a sickly green for monstrous scares, a cold blue […]

The Legendary Work Ethic of Photographer Bill Cunningham

A veteran New York City party reporter reflects on what it was like to see the famed, and famously humble, photographer in action. Shutterstock is the exclusive sponsor of Experience the Times of Bill Cunningham, an immersive installation taking place in The Seaport, New York City, through October 30.  Two things about Bill Cunningham, the legendary photographer who for decades […]

10 FREE Unexpected Winter Color Palettes

Bored of holiday red, indifferent to forest green, or totally over wintery silver? Here are some chilling-fresh color palettes for you. Perhaps you’re looking for an edgy palette for that corporate holiday card. Or, you’re in need of unusual inspiration for a seasonal marketing campaign. Whatever the case, if you’re itching to think outside the […]

The 10 Best Photographers to Follow on TikTok

Find photography inspiration and advice by following these ten creative photographers on TikTok. Let’s get those creative juices flowing! A new report suggests that social media consumers in the U.S. and U.K. are spending more time on TikTok than YouTube these days—and that statistic hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the industry’s top photographers. In fact, many […]

How to Approach Stock Photography as Anthropology

Co-founder of the production company HEX, Gavin Booth, goes deep on what it means to take an authentic photo. What does it mean for a photo to be authentic? For Gavin Booth, co-founder of the production company HEX, the answer is fairly straightforward: A photo is authentic if it captures something (a relationship, an interaction, […]

Everything a Designer Needs to Know About the History of Animal Prints

Leopard spots, tiger stripes, snake skin. Animal prints have been around, in some shape or form, for centuries. Here, a look back at the evolution of this striking motif. Few patterns are more timeless than animal prints. No matter the season, the year, or the price point, it’s almost always been possible to stock your […]