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Why Microsoft Advertisers Are Seeing a 21% Lift with Shutterstock Imagery

Microsoft Advertising small-medium businesses are seeing upwards of 21% lifts in clicks, volume and revenue with the help of authentic, inclusive imagery that drives conversion. Microsoft is determined to take the friction out of the user experience — so much so that they’ve streamlined a range of advertising workflows from search to display into one […]

Mathematics 101: What the Heck Is a Video Bitrate?

Let’s stomp out the confusion surrounding the term bitrate and find out exactly what it is and what it does! Many artists venture towards a creative career because academic studies weren’t their strong suit. While I enjoyed English studies in school, both my math and science grades are better left tucked away in my history […]

5 Adobe InDesign Hacks Every Designer Should Know

Want to save valuable time and avoid embarrassing mistakes? Follow these five tips to increase efficiency in your InDesign workflow. Have you ever put the wrong date on a client presentation? Or painstakingly typed your own copy into a layout, only to receive feedback about an overlooked misspelling? What about creating an entire layout around […]

The History of Photo-Worthy Summer Stripes in 20 Images

As synonymous with summer as sunshine and cocktails, fresh striped fabrics and designs never fall out of style. Take a moment to look around you and down at what you’re wearing. Chances are, you’ll spy a striped pattern somewhere in view. Stripes certainly claim to be one of the most chameleonic and enduring patterns, adaptable […]

10 Unique Ways to Get Coverage of a Single Location

Here are ten different ways you can film a location for selling stock footage—or for your own client videos! When it comes to filming a location, time is money. You probably have a limited timeline for filming—either for stock footage or for a client project—so you need to get the most out of your coverage. […]

How to Create the Illusion of Movement in Static Design

Harnessing the power of illusory movement can produce dynamic images. We’ll discuss simple design techniques to bring static visuals to life. Static images lack movement by definition. However, they can incorporate the illusion of movement via design.  Movement is a core design principle many designers employ to bring an element of aliveness into their work. […]

Streamline icons on Iconfinder

Tips for searching for icons from a specific family Streamline is a staple icon family designed by Webalys and used by many UI design professionals. We are happy to have a complete and up-to-date Streamline pack available on Iconfinder. In this blog post, we will walk you through the main characteristics of the family and provide […]

U.S., France, Canada – FREE Patriotic Clip Art Bundle

The 4th of July, Bastille Day, and Canada Day—3 clip art packs, all in one FREE download bundle. Download today! The month of July marks the independence day of not one, not two, but three countries at once. On July 1st, Canada celebrates Canada Day. A few days later, on July 4th, the United States celebrates […]

What Is Regenerative Travel, and Why It’s the Future of Tourism

With travel on the post-pandemic horizon, here’s why regenerative travel matters more than ever, and how we visualize this travel trend. Last year, The New York Times hailed regenerative travel as the future of tourism. So, what exactly is regenerative travel? Simply put, regenerative travel is about working to actively improve a place. It prioritizes the […]

20 FREE Grunge Brushes for Photoshop (And How to Use Them)

In this tutorial, learn techniques for adding some grunge to your logos, posters, social media graphics, photos, and more! Ever wonder how to get a grunge texture on top of your designs and photos? Today, you will learn exactly how to elevate your work in Photoshop by using these free grunge brushes. You can use […]