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Should You Use Camera Audio Recording or a Field Recorder?

Explore the differences between in-camera audio recording and external field recorders to determine which is right for your video needs. If you’ve recently jumped into content creation and are taking notes from other creators, you may sometimes see creators feeding a microphone straight into their camera. Meanwhile, other creators are feeding the microphone into a […]

FREEBIE: Over 80+ FREE Home-Inspired Sound Effects

In this FREEBIE roundup, take a look at some of the recent “home-inspired” sound effects packs we’ve put out in the past few months. If you’re editing any type of home-based video/documentary/series/tutorial, you know how important having good sound effects is. These sounds build out the environments you’re looking at and, more often than not, […]

4 Filmmaking Takeaways from Watching Masterclass Courses

From documentary filmmaking to tackling a low-budget indie film, Masterclass has a course for you. Dive in for a closer look. Masterclass is a premium video platform where the best people in their respective fields take you through how to do what they do. While classes vary across different industries and career paths, Masterclass has […]

15 FREE Garden and Backyard Sound Effects Pack

With SFX for yard work, backyard machinery, and more, this pack is perfect for any outdoor video. Download these FREE sound effects to start. This FREE SFX pack is filled with the sounds of gardening or backyard work! Whether you need the sounds of someone digging a hole to plant some veggies or flowers, mowing […]

Low-Budget Tips for Filming Against Blank White Walls

Explore these few low-budget tips on how to transform a blank, white wall into a dynamic, video-worthy background. So, you’ve arrived at your friend’s house who has politely allowed you to film there, but it looks a little something like this. Image via Alexey V Smirnov. Bare, white walls—a filmmaker’s worst nightmare, ranking just below […]

The 10 Best YouTube Channels for Photographers in 2021

From street photography to travel narratives, here are some of the best photography channels on YouTube right now. 2020 was a weird one, there’s no denying this. However, one thing that I noticed was an influx of YouTube channels taking off. With creators stuck inside, out of work, or sitting at home on YouTube all […]

15+ FREE Household-Inspired Sound Effects and Room Tones

This FREE SFX pack is filled with hums and drums you might hear inside your home. Includes four clips of room tones for you to use today! This FREE SFX pack comes with all types of cleaning, pets, or other hums and drum sounds you might hear inside your own home. We’ve also included four […]

Use the YouTube Chapters Feature to Keep Engagement

Losing audience interest with longer videos on YouTube? Look to utilize the “chapters” feature to keep your viewers engaged. As content creators evolve and produce new and dynamic forms of content, YouTube evolves as a platform. Sometimes, the change is unwarranted, but content creators will welcome new platform tools—for the most part. One aspect of […]

Editing in TikTok vs Instagram Reels – Which is Worth Your Time?

From music to AR effects, we break down the editing abilities of each app. Take a look at their respective strengths. Let’s say you’re running the social account for your own small business or personal brand. A lot of the social cutting you’ll need to be doing will, whether you want to or not, be […]