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6 Tips for Editing Instagram Reels

From beginner to pro, a guide to filming and editing your next Instagram Reel. In 2016, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories, a feature that set out to dampen Snapchat’s continued growth, and ultimately, it did just that. In 2020, Instagram Reels was revealed, a feature similar to rival the ever-popular video sharing application TikTok. While successful […]

Video Tutorial: What Slow Motion Frame Rate to Use

In this video tutorial, we dive into the FPS you’ll typically find in a consumer-priced 4K camera, and what FPS you should use for various subjects. It wasn’t too long ago that shooting in slow motion was reserved only for cinema cameras. Or, at the very least, high-definition slow motion was reserved for cinema cameras. […]

How to Edit a Movie: Insights from the 2021 Best Editing Oscar Nominees

If there’s anything Oscar knows how to do, it’s edit a movie! What’s the takeaway from the 2021 crop of nominees? The 93rd Academy Award nominations are full of surprises as the entertainment industry still struggles to figure out the future of film releases. There were exceptions made for this year’s awards, though many potential […]

11 Ways to Make Money with Your Photography

Take photo. Sell photo. Tips for turning your passion into a paying pastime—or even a career. If you’re looking to learn how to turn your love of photography into a profitable career, we’ve got the tips you need to get started. While we continue to consume more visual content globally, there’s a constant need for […]

How to Start a YouTube Channel – Everything You Need

Have a unique idea for a video, but not sure how to start a YouTube channel? What every beginner needs to know, and the tools to invest in. So, you want to be a YouTuber. You have a story to tell. Or, maybe a hack to share or a recipe to demonstrate. Maybe you just […]

Video Tutorial: Learn How to Create Sun Stars with This Quick Tip

Learn how to get sun stars, sun streaks, or starbursts while filming towards direct sunlight using this video tutorial. Sun stars, sun streaks, or starbursts is the name given to the visual attribute of the long, golden streaks produced by sunlight. The video below provides awesome tips on how to get them while filming towards […]

2021’s Wedding Design Guide for Photographers and Designers

Watch for these wedding design trends in the coming year, and learn how creatives can respond and adapt to a rapidly changing wedding culture. After a restrictive year for couples and a crippling one for the wedding industry, getting married has never felt more meaningful . . . and long overdue. An overly organized and […]

Women in Post-Production: Past, Present, and Future

From Dede Allen to Sally Menke, let’s explore these early pioneer women editors and how their legacies shaped the modern landscape of cinema. As a feminist and female editor, you can imagine my awe to hear, from a male coworker, that some of the most revolutionary films in the early days of cinema were edited […]

18 FREE Office Sound Effects Pack for Your Next Project

Beeps, keyboard strokes, chatter, and phone calls. You can get all the office sounds and more in this FREE SFX pack for your production. The internet is abundant with sound effects, and even we have several packs available to download for FREE. These FREE packs are perfect for when you’re in a pinch and can’t […]

Voice of the Artist: Maskot Studios

How does a photographer capture the perfect image? Where does an illustrator find inspiration? For our series “Voice of the Artist,” we asked Shutterstock creators to give us an inside look at their process. You might assume that the more renowned a photographer is, the better they will be at capturing quality stock images. But, […]