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Charities and Nonprofits: Capture Photos That Make a Difference

From healthcare to food security, here are nine tips for taking photos that make a difference, whether you’re working on assignment or shooting for stock. A few years ago, researchers from the University of East Anglia and Radi-Aid surveyed aid recipients across Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia to see how they felt […]

COVID and Single-Use Plastics: How Environmental Visuals Build Change

The COVID-19 global pandemic is prompting increased consumption of single-use plastics while simultaneously disrupting recycling programs. How can photographers help this environmental crisis with visuals they create? “Soon there may be more face masks than jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea.” That’s the warning being made by Laurent Lombard, a diver and founder of the nonprofit […]

From Rich Hues to Moody Contrasts: 20 Free Fall Color Palettes

The colors of the fall season are more than just variations of reds and oranges. Capture the coziness of autumn with these twenty free fall color palettes. As the cusp of the autumn season quickly approaches, the switch to more seasonal-appropriate color palettes commences. While the typical reds, yellows, and oranges symbolize the changing leaves, […]

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Every small business needs a viable product or an in-demand service. But what’s next? Here are the digital marketing tools you need to get the word out. Any small business owner knows the challenge of developing an in-demand product or service. Researching markets and developing your ideas is time-consuming, and the volume of available data […]

From Natural to Homemade: Choose the Right Background for Your Shoot

From lifestyle to fine art, these seven artists discuss their top tips on how to choose the right background for your photo shoot. Search DIY marketplaces like Etsy and camera stores like B&H and you’ll find a vast array of photography backgrounds, from patterned paper and weathered pine to slit drapes and mirrored gold. There […]

Use These Inexpensive Hacks to Manipulate Your Video Lighting

Bring your shots to the next level with these DYI video lighting hacks. From hangers to foil, these household items can help get better lighting results. The issue with film lighting often isn’t so much the purchase of the lights. Instead, it’s getting the additional tools you need to direct and manipulate the light, which […]

Iain Campell’s Inspiring and Inclusive Video Portraits

We asked artist Iain Campbell to discuss his experiences behind the camera, documenting real people and highlighting timeless moments that unite us all. “Sometimes, I can just see a face and think, they look interesting — there’s an interesting story behind their eyes,” videographer Iain Campbell, a.k.a. icsnaps, tells us. “For me, the most important […]

A Complete Guide to Creating the Perfect Online Customer Experience

In this detailed UX guide, learn about the perfect online customer experience as we break the user journey into these five major stages. Let’s take a look. It used to be incredibly easy to sell things online. Creating a website and telling people about it was pretty much all you needed to do. As the […]

Event Planning: Effective Tips for Designing a Flyer

Planning an event? Here are a few useful aspects to consider in order to create impactful and easy to understand flyer designs. When designing a flyer, whether it be for a concert, a fundraiser, a tournament, or any other kind of event, it’s important to keep some aspects in mind. In the world of design, […]

Tools and Apps that Compress Images for the Web

Image compression is an important part in preparing photos for the web. Here are some great tools and apps to assist in compressing your images. You’ve captured an amazing sunset overlooking the Himalayan Mountains, a ring of birds encircling the corner of the frame. What an image! You can’t wait to sit down, write a […]