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Capturing the New Wellness and Self-Care Movement in 2021

From insomnia to isolation, let’s explore how to appropriately capture self-care and wellness images in 2021’s new world. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout 2020, life as the world knew it became upended. How and where we worked, attending school and recreational classes in person, and unwinding from the work week on the […]

Slow Fashion at Home: The Rise of Millennial Sewists

Explore the ever-changing fashion industry, and learn how millennial sewists are bringing the slow fashion movement into the home. The world is constantly changing and with it our visual needs. There’s perhaps no other industry that better represents the hyper-speed in which trends change and evolve than fashion.  In today’s article, we’re breaking down one trend […]

FREEBIE: Over 80+ FREE Home-Inspired Sound Effects

In this FREEBIE roundup, take a look at some of the recent “home-inspired” sound effects packs we’ve put out in the past few months. If you’re editing any type of home-based video/documentary/series/tutorial, you know how important having good sound effects is. These sounds build out the environments you’re looking at and, more often than not, […]

How Money in Images Can Tell Impressive Stories

Let’s explore how money in images and photos can shape visual stories and have an impact on creative projects. Check our list out! Money talks. Money is power. While these adages may not have originated with photography, there’s no question that they’re relevant when it comes to visual storytelling. Images of money can allude to […]

Goodbye Marble and Hello to the Future of Inkscapes

Molten and mesmerizing, colorful inkscapes are set to steal marble’s crown. Let’s explore why this new trend is taking hold in 2021. Riding on the wave of a 70s-infused resurgence in graphic design, inkscapes look fabulous teamed with curvy serif type, luxurious metallics, and acid-bright colors.  A trend with deep historical roots, inkscapes are inspired […]

Sleek and Professional: FREE Minimalistic PowerPoint Templates

Create a professional-looking presentation with the help of these FREE customizable Minimalistic PowerPoint Templates. You have a fresh idea in your mind. You want to elaborate it to your team. What’s the most efficient way to do that? The answer is . . . with a presentation. To create an awesome presentation that engages with […]

How the Travel Industry Is Visually Marketing Travel During COVID

With travel and tourism industries shifting how they market travel during COVID-19 restrictions, explore how brands visually market travel. The travel and tourism industry has faced an entirely new marketing landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Few industries fell as fast as the travel and tourism industry did. As one of the hardest-hit industries globally, […]

Design for the Digital World: Picking Icons for Your Website or App

Let’s explore how to use icons, what icons work best in app and website design, and how to implement them when designing for the digital world. When designing a new digital product—whether it’s a website or an app—one of your primary concerns is to create a well-rounded and easily understandable experience for your customers. Perhaps […]

Free Christmas Stuff: Get Your Cards, Clip-Art, SFX, and More

Free packs for your creative Christmas projects—retro cards, easy-to-use clip art, ambient sound effects, and more! Dive in. Christmas is a time for togetherness, for gift-giving, and for cheer. It’s also a time for DIY! Many of us get into the Christmas spirit by making cards, crafting decorations, and adding some handmade personality to our […]

Diversity in Design: Building Connections Through Inclusion

Hiring designers from an array of backgrounds keeps your content fresh and relevant to new audiences. Learn more on how diversity benefits creative design. When working with designers, once you’ve found a freelancer or agency you’re comfortable with, it’s easy to dig in with them and no matter what the brief, return to them for […]