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Bringing Words to Life: The Role of Kinetic Type in Modern Design

The days of the written word’s static existence are over. Welcome to the age of kinetic type. When you think of the written word, movement isn’t exactly at the top of a list of its attributes. That said, there’s a certain irony to the history of those static rows of characters we read every day […]

How to Take Not-Boring Photos of: Buildings

When you’re photographing buildings or cityscapes, it’s the small changes that turn drab into delightful. Like their street photography counterparts, architectural photographers need to be especially imaginative and agile in their visual thinking. Capturing a building—particularly a public one—or cityscape, throws up challenges of scale, lighting, immovable street furniture, and unpredictable passers-by. Yet, it’s these […]

The Colors of Dutch Culture Go Way Past Orange

A photographic glimpse into the effervescent palette of the Netherlands as seen in architecture, landscape, and design. Northern Europeans are no strangers to shades of grey, with leaden skies and brooding clouds the main backdrop to their winters and sometimes other seasons, as well. Amid a muted landscape, the uplifting effects of color can be […]

ICYMI: 3 Women Filmmakers on the Rise

Women’s contributions in film are undisputed—and under-recognized. A small shout-out we hope goes a long way. It shouldn’t take International Women’s History Month to recognize the contributions and talents of women. That’s so terribly cliché and expected, right? Especially when a company or organization ghosts the efforts and celebration of women throughout the rest of […]

More Is More: Ripped from the Pages of 1960s Vogue

The 1960s seismic fashion shift—miniskirts, bell bottoms, galactic crystals—left an impact seen clearly on Vogue’s unique radar. Take a look at the edge of fashion in all its glory. It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to the impact the 1960s had on American culture. For starters, the 60s followed two consecutive […]

What Fashion Will Look Like Post-Pandemic

We’ve got clues in what we wore after the last (flu) pandemic. A stroll through fashion photography from Vogue in the 1920s. For more than a year now, COVID 19 has dominated the news cycle, as well as people’s psyches, the world over. But with a vaccine rollout finally in full swing, people are ever-so-slowly […]

Go Ahead and Judge: The Science Behind Book Jackets

The Creative Director of Little, Brown and Company, Mario Pulice, discusses trends in book-cover design, and the intricacies of visually capturing the essence of a book. Perhaps no year has been better for taking account of what we actually live with and like than 2020. For many of us, that has been taking stock of […]

2020’s Wondrous and Weird Fashion Moments on the Catwalk

2020’s cat-astrophic reign is over. Let’s paws for a moment to review the fashion world of that maleficent monster—the domestic cat. The Egyptian Bastet. Image via Shutterstock’s Cats in Clothes Collection. We’ve witnessed the lure of catlore throughout history. Beginning with the sleek, sly Sphinx—with mentions in such classics as Sophocles’ Oedipus and Edith Hamilton’s […]

Print Lovers Rejoice! Illustration Is More Vibrant Than Ever

With demand for high-quality illustrations growing, there’s no time like the present to start drawing. Jumpstart your creativity with some inspiration from the best illustrators working today. In the creative industries, we love sounding the death knell. We plaster words such as beleaguered onto once-beloved attributes of the industry. Or, like some mythical being with […]