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More Is More: Ripped from the Pages of 1960s Vogue

The 1960s seismic fashion shift—miniskirts, bell bottoms, galactic crystals—left an impact seen clearly on Vogue’s unique radar. Take a look at the edge of fashion in all its glory. It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to the impact the 1960s had on American culture. For starters, the 60s followed two consecutive […]

What Fashion Will Look Like Post-Pandemic

We’ve got clues in what we wore after the last (flu) pandemic. A stroll through fashion photography from Vogue in the 1920s. For more than a year now, COVID 19 has dominated the news cycle, as well as people’s psyches, the world over. But with a vaccine rollout finally in full swing, people are ever-so-slowly […]

8 Tips for Making Photography a Full-Time Career

Hoping to monetize your art? How to get started. For most people, photography is a fun, creative pursuit—a hobby. A thing they love to do and always find time for. But, if you’re like most photographers, you may have grown a desire to make money through this craft. Perhaps just to supplement the art itself. […]

2020’s Wondrous and Weird Fashion Moments on the Catwalk

2020’s cat-astrophic reign is over. Let’s paws for a moment to review the fashion world of that maleficent monster—the domestic cat. The Egyptian Bastet. Image via Shutterstock’s Cats in Clothes Collection. We’ve witnessed the lure of catlore throughout history. Beginning with the sleek, sly Sphinx—with mentions in such classics as Sophocles’ Oedipus and Edith Hamilton’s […]

How the Meghan and Harry Interview Changed the Way We Look at Royal Photos

The Duke and Duchess shed light on what it’s really like in the Royal Family. How photos don’t always represent the fairytale they portray. Royal families are a source of endless public fascination. And, no wonder: They’re the stuff of fairytales—kings, queens, castles, and crowns—come to life.  That’s why a whopping 23 million people (in […]

Photographer Lynsey Weatherspoon on Queerness, Blackness, and Safety

Lynsey Weatherspoon opens up about finding safety in a creative community and forging a path forward in the photography industry. In 1970, the United States celebrated the first-ever Black History Month. It’s meant to both celebrate the culture and contributions of African-Americans and remind people of the massive amount of work that still needs accomplishing. […]

Envisioning a Better Tomorrow: The History of Art Activism

Explore the history of art activism and why it’s important that brands consider their approach to activism through art. Art has power. Impactful art has the power to do more than just grab the audience’s attention. It can send global messages of statement and solidarity, resonating with people around the world. The intersection of art […]

The Basic Fundamentals of Documentary Photography

As we develop our urge to document, let’s dive deeper into our relationship with photography in this stellar interview with Stefanie Glinski. The ability to tell the necessary stories that this world needs to know is a huge privilege. And to do it well, one must persevere, have patience, and be willing to learn and […]

Photographer Andrew Walker on the Virtual Shutterstock Photo Booth

Andrew Walker discusses his less-than-ordinary Sundance experience, getting his subjects to feel comfortable in front of a camera, and more. Andrew Walker has been photographing celebrities for more than a decade, making portraits with such A-listers as Regina King, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Chadwick Boseman. But until this year’s Sundance Film Festival, which went entirely […]