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Clever Techniques to Highlight Your Materials Through Contrast

From manmade to natural, textured to smooth, explore the dynamics of photographing contrasts in materials. A clever technique of many photo professionals is to place a featured object (the hero product), against an object that fundamentally contrasts it. There are many ways to think about this. Hard can be a great contrast to soft, manmade […]

How We Show It: Bodies

Thin. White. Blemish-free. The representation of body image in society is an air-brushed fantasy. Let’s take a healthy look at reality. Image via Jacob Lund. As a teenager, I was obsessed with models. It was the 1990s, so supermodels like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Linda Evangelista were having their moment and I […]

8 Essential Tools of the Trade for Your Prop Styling Kit

From T-pins to removable wall hooks, here’s your secret guide to the indispensable tools that’ll make your prop styling look pro. Every seasoned prop stylist will tell you they have gained ability and resourcefulness over time. They might also tell you there’s an often-overlooked skill they simply can’t do without—knowing which tools to use and […]

From Raves to Ray Gun: A Walk Through 90s Design Culture

As the 90s influence grows in today’s design trends, let’s take a look back at the decade that gave us raves, Ray Gun, grunge, and an alarming quantity of novelty fonts. With tie-dye set to be an influential trend in design for the year ahead, the Cali-cool aesthetic of the 1990s is back in vogue […]

Envisioning a Better Tomorrow: The History of Art Activism

Explore the history of art activism and why it’s important that brands consider their approach to activism through art. Art has power. Impactful art has the power to do more than just grab the audience’s attention. It can send global messages of statement and solidarity, resonating with people around the world. The intersection of art […]

20 Creative Shutterstock and Offset Illustrators to Follow in 2021

Searching for new creative inspiration? Here you’ll find twenty unique and innovative illustrators that you need to follow in 2021. Shutterstock and Offset are bursting with creative talent waiting to be discovered. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the top illustrators we think you should know (and follow) in 2021. Whether you’re […]

Capturing the New Wellness and Self-Care Movement in 2021

From insomnia to isolation, let’s explore how to appropriately capture self-care and wellness images in 2021’s new world. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout 2020, life as the world knew it became upended. How and where we worked, attending school and recreational classes in person, and unwinding from the work week on the […]

How We Show It: Black Hair

How does one woman’s relationship with her hair track the trends—and what does it show about America’s complicated history? Years after I started wearing box braids, years after I experimented with wearing a weave, years after I went natural, I looked in the bathroom mirror one night and admired my twist-out. I softly pulled at […]

Trend Alert: The Regency Fashion of the Netflix Series “Bridgerton”

Throw back to the Regency fashion of the Netflix series Bridgerton for very of-the-moment, on-trend imagery.  When the world goes to hell, it follows that Earth dwellers would start looking for an escape hatch—one of the most popular, it turns out, is a paperback. There’s a long history of sales of romance novels spiking during […]