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How We Show It: Black Hair

How does one woman’s relationship with her hair track the trends—and what does it show about America’s complicated history? Years after I started wearing box braids, years after I experimented with wearing a weave, years after I went natural, I looked in the bathroom mirror one night and admired my twist-out. I softly pulled at […]

From Nurses to Vials: FREE Vaccine Clip Arts Pack

Download these FREE Vaccine Clip Arts to illustrate your vaccine-related information and show your appreciation for healthcare workers. During the pandemic, healthcare workers have been hit hard, risking their own lives to help those infected with the virus. So, when the vaccines finally came out, it was like a beacon of hope. Healthcare workers will […]

From Creamy Pastels to Luscious Greens: The Color Palettes of Inner Life

Let’s look at how color can bolster your resolve, calm your mind, and exorcise those nagging thoughts weighing on our shoulders. After almost an entire year of turmoil, in which disease, politics, and climate have dominated our minds for so long, it’d be easy to fall into thinking that this is the new normal, that […]

What Does Vintage Really Mean in Pop Culture and Design?

Let’s set the record straight on what vintage really means by exploring its roots in popular culture and design. Collectable treasure or unwanted tat? Never has there been a broader or more conflicted term than vintage. In the design world, vintage has a muddied reputation, but designs that reference the past still resonate with nostalgic […]

From National Currencies to Cryptocurrencies: FREE Currency Clip Arts

Add a touch of uniqueness to finance-related designs with this pack of FREE downloadable currency and money clip art illustrations. Invoices, purchase orders, order receipts . . . When it comes to finance-related documents, most people tend to go back to basics to make sure the design looks serious and professional. However, we can make […]

Sleek and Professional: FREE Minimalistic PowerPoint Templates

Create a professional-looking presentation with the help of these FREE customizable Minimalistic PowerPoint Templates. You have a fresh idea in your mind. You want to elaborate it to your team. What’s the most efficient way to do that? The answer is . . . with a presentation. To create an awesome presentation that engages with […]

Get Creative with Valentine’s Day eCards: FREE Template Bundle

Skip the checkout line this year. Download your FREE Valentine’s eCard pack and share your customizable digital cards in an instant! Bored of love hearts and weary of teddy bears? There’s more to Valentine’s cards than sentimental mush. Instead, why not choose an animal-themed card that celebrates that most romantic of prose—the humble pun. This […]

FREE Template Bundle: Chinese New Year Envelopes

To celebrate the lunar New Year, we’ve created this freebie pack of envelope templates for you to print and fold at home. Let’s get started! At Chinese New Year, it’s a common custom to give a red envelope (in Mandarin: hóngbāo) containing money to younger family members. The vibrant color of the envelope symbolizes good […]

FREE Botanical PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Elevate the look of your presentations with the help of these FREE Botanical PowerPoint Templates. Download today. A presentation is an important, powerful tool to expand on information for your target audience. From project proposals to business portfolios, so many things can be presented more clearly through a PowerPoint Presentation. If you’re presenting your information […]

The Promise of Mobile Design: What Apps Can and Can’t Do (For Now)

From its blotted history to its bright future, let’s explore the constant evolution of mobile design and where we hope it’ll take us. “An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator . . . these are not three separate devices. This is one device, and we are calling it iPhone! Today, Apple is going to […]