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Modern Watercolor Styles on Trend for 2021

How do illustrators and graphic designers digitize watercolor artwork? Tips and tricks to do just that.  Set to be a strong design trend in the year ahead, watercolor is no longer the sole preserve of wedding invitations and nursery wallpaper. With packaging, websites, and logos showcasing hand-painted styles, it’s clear the artistic appeal of watercolor […]

8 Tips for Making Photography a Full-Time Career

Hoping to monetize your art? How to get started. For most people, photography is a fun, creative pursuit—a hobby. A thing they love to do and always find time for. But, if you’re like most photographers, you may have grown a desire to make money through this craft. Perhaps just to supplement the art itself. […]

Go Ahead and Judge: The Science Behind Book Jackets

The Creative Director of Little, Brown and Company, Mario Pulice, discusses trends in book-cover design, and the intricacies of visually capturing the essence of a book. Perhaps no year has been better for taking account of what we actually live with and like than 2020. For many of us, that has been taking stock of […]

March Fresh: New Content We Love

Explore this month’s top inspirational images from Shutterstock’s collection. Our team searches through newly uploaded stock content daily. This roundup showcases new content that we love, uploaded the previous month. We couldn’t be more excited to share this month’s March Fresh, featuring the new work of contributors from Shutterstock and Offset. Our network is powered by thousands of […]

6 Simple Steps to Customizing Your Stock Photography

Designer Amanda Maduri discusses sprucing up your stock photos, with a short tutorial on editing photos with the free Shutterstock Editor. Stock photos have come a long way from the “model laughing alone with salad” days. However, even with the wide variety of images available now, to make one of them fit your needs you […]

Emerging Color Trends in Children’s Design

Thanks to time and changing ideas about identity, broader tones are afoot in children’s design.  America has a long history of naming certain sections of the light spectrum masculine or feminine. As illogical as this is, once a gendered color assignment takes hold, it usually shows up (among other places) in design trends for children.  […]

How to Edit a Movie: Insights from the 2021 Best Editing Oscar Nominees

If there’s anything Oscar knows how to do, it’s edit a movie! What’s the takeaway from the 2021 crop of nominees? The 93rd Academy Award nominations are full of surprises as the entertainment industry still struggles to figure out the future of film releases. There were exceptions made for this year’s awards, though many potential […]

Voice of the Artist: How to Have a Second Act as a Photographer

How April Burns tackled her dream career as a photographer, and how you can too. When April Burns’ oldest son was two, she hired a photographer to take professional family photos. “They turned out amazing,” she says. She was so impressed with the results that, long after her own photos were delivered, she found herself […]

11 Ways to Make Money with Your Photography

Take photo. Sell photo. Tips for turning your passion into a paying pastime—or even a career. If you’re looking to learn how to turn your love of photography into a profitable career, we’ve got the tips you need to get started. While we continue to consume more visual content globally, there’s a constant need for […]

Thank You, Men, for Explaining Things to Me

What does mansplaining look like in stock photography—and how might we show another kind of dynamic? For International Women’s Month, I’d like to say thank you to all the men that have explained (and explained and explained) things to me. Oh, lighten up. I’m not saying all men are mansplainers. I’ve had many male friends […]