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6 Tips for Editing Instagram Reels

From beginner to pro, a guide to filming and editing your next Instagram Reel. In 2016, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories, a feature that set out to dampen Snapchat’s continued growth, and ultimately, it did just that. In 2020, Instagram Reels was revealed, a feature similar to rival the ever-popular video sharing application TikTok. While successful […]

8 Tips for Making Photography a Full-Time Career

Hoping to monetize your art? How to get started. For most people, photography is a fun, creative pursuit—a hobby. A thing they love to do and always find time for. But, if you’re like most photographers, you may have grown a desire to make money through this craft. Perhaps just to supplement the art itself. […]

Print Lovers Rejoice! Illustration Is More Vibrant Than Ever

With demand for high-quality illustrations growing, there’s no time like the present to start drawing. Jumpstart your creativity with some inspiration from the best illustrators working today. In the creative industries, we love sounding the death knell. We plaster words such as beleaguered onto once-beloved attributes of the industry. Or, like some mythical being with […]

How to Build a Brand Identity in 5 Easy Steps

How creatives can streamline the branding process to design an effective, professional brand identity ASAP. Creating a compelling brand identity doesn’t have to be a months-long process. If you’re setting up a new business or have a tight client deadline to meet, you need to have a brand-building strategy on hand that’s both efficient and […]

11 Ways to Make Money with Your Photography

Take photo. Sell photo. Tips for turning your passion into a paying pastime—or even a career. If you’re looking to learn how to turn your love of photography into a profitable career, we’ve got the tips you need to get started. While we continue to consume more visual content globally, there’s a constant need for […]

What Are NFTs? How to Monetize Your Photos Using Blockchain

NFTs can be an alternate revenue source for creators. So, what’s the downside? This year has been a whirlwind of financial news that requires explanation. I’m sure most of us rewatched The Big Short during the Gamestop short squeeze fiasco a few months back, and then there was the cryptocurrency meme DogeCoin, which made some waves. That’s tired. What’s wired […]

How to Start a YouTube Channel – Everything You Need

Have a unique idea for a video, but not sure how to start a YouTube channel? What every beginner needs to know, and the tools to invest in. So, you want to be a YouTuber. You have a story to tell. Or, maybe a hack to share or a recipe to demonstrate. Maybe you just […]

Clubhouse Could Pay off Big for Brands, Here’s Why

Brands that develop a strategy for Clubhouse will benefit as audio-driven social media becomes part of our digital diet. Unlike other social media platforms, users on Clubhouse can join a room and participate in a live conversation with celebrities, venture capitalists, and other like-minded people. It’s a place where the Syrian diaspora can reminisce about their home […]

4 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out in an Over-Saturated Market

Frame your content right and you’ll emerge from the pack. When making content for digital platforms, many creators find that their markets are filled with content already. For example, according to YouTube, users upload over 500 hours of content every minute. In today’s online spaces, it can be difficult to find a niche topic that […]

5 Key Digital Marketing Skills to Know (or to Outsource)

Explore where you fall in the digital marketing umbrella, important marketing skills, and whether or not you need to outsource certain tasks. Digital marketing is a key skill in growing and maintaining a strong online presence. Many freelancers and entrepreneurs are tasked with wearing multiple hats. While it’s important to ensure certain areas within the […]