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Website Not Required: Do You Need a Website in 2020?

Websites and social media profiles benefit businesses differently. Take a deeper look at the advantages of both to decide which one best fits your brand. In the digital age, conventional wisdom teaches that to run a successful small business, you must have a website. Everybody from window cleaners to lawyers have filled the World Wide […]

Refer Friends and Make Money – New Shutterstock Referral Program is Here

Shutterstock users can now make money when they refer our image and video library to their friends, family, and colleagues. Refer Shutterstock to friends and earn $50 when they license images and footage. Even better, your friends who start licensing creative assets on Shutterstock will get a reward, too. Let’s go over how it works. […]

The 50/20/20/10 Rule to Social Media Content Creation

Working on a social media content strategy may be a daunting task. Here is a handy rule to cope with it in a well-balanced and creative way. Social media content strategy is hard. With platforms constantly rolling out new features, trends changing overnight and an over-saturated marketplace, it takes time to develop a working strategy […]

Mobile-First Video Content Means More Than Vertical Video

With consumers watching YouTube, accessing streaming services, or scrolling social feeds on their phones, mobile-first video is critical for any modern marketing campaign. We all know about the proliferation of mobile devices and how it’s changing the media landscape. In fact, twenty percent of Americans are now “smartphone-only” internet consumers. For those of us married […]

How to Make Swipe-Up Instagram Stories

Swipe-up Instagram Stories are a great way to get users on your site. Here’s how to use the feature, and how to work around it if you don’t have access. Instagram is constantly adding and improving upon features to make it easier for businesses to drive traffic to their websites. After the platform introduced Instagram […]

When a Facebook Post Becomes an Ad: How to Design for Boosting

When a Facebook post takes off, you can boost it to reach even more people. Here’s how to approach Facebook post design with boosting in mind. It wasn’t so long ago that placing an online ad meant working with a digital marketing agency to develop creative, make a media buy, and launch a campaign. Today, […]

The Secret to Non-Blurry Facebook Images

Never post a blurry photo again with this no-nonsense guide to Facebook image sizes for cover photos, profile photos, posts, and more. In an age when consumers are inundated with visuals, there’s no overstating the importance of the images you post to Facebook. Facebook now boasts over 2.6 billion monthly active users, and research shows […]

Creating a Great First Impression with Facebook Pinned Posts

Pinned Facebook posts can reflect your expertise and draw a new customer base. Discover different types of pinned content, learn more through successful examples, and find out how you can create your own. Facebook is a very different beast from where it started. Once the home of cat pictures, marriage announcements, and a catalog of […]

Best Image Formats for the Web — High-Quality, Small File Size

What image file types retain quality online without a large file size? Discover the best image formats for the web, no matter how you’re using them. We know you have a better grasp on file formats than Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald. However, choosing the best image format for the web becomes more complicated with […]