How to Create the Perfect Marketing Video with Stock Video

Video has consistently delivered high returns on investment. Here’s a step by step guide to creating the perfect video for your next campaign.  Table of Contents Why Use Video? Know your audience Choose a type of video based on goals Match visuals to the right emotions Putting it together in a video creation tool Subscribe […]

How Pro Creative Stock Agencies Are Creating Trending Images in 2020

Take a look behind the curtains to see how these creative agencies are meeting—and changing—2020’s evolving image trends. 2020 looks a little different than we expected, especially when we look at the images trending in creative industries around the world. Social distancing started as a buzz word, a way to better understand this “new reality” […]

Free Father’s Day Cards – Print and eCards

Celebrate your fatherly figures with the help of these FREE downloadable and customizable card templates for both digital and print. Father’s Day is a special day in June where we commemorate the fatherly figures in our lives. For the fathers who make an impact on others, it’s important to show them how appreciated they are. […]

10 Best PowerPoint Add-ins and Plugins for an Amazing Presentation

Nothing can beat a perfect PowerPoint presentation that is visually appealing. Aside from templates, images, videos, and effects, plugins & add-ins can also make a huge difference in a presentation. Not many people know about PowerPoint plugins and add-ins, but those who do swear by them. In this article, we plan to give you the […]

Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel If You’re a Freelancer

Nothing has gotten me more client work than my personal YouTube channel. Here’s why you should make your own. Finding clients can be extremely daunting at times. With the current state of the world where nothing seems for sure, now more than ever it’s apparent how important it is to have a diverse range of […]

How to Design an E-commerce Website in 6 Easy Steps

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6 Practical Tips for Better Cinema Vérité Filmmaking

Improve your filmmaking approach and technique with these notable run-and-gun style filming practices. In the wonderful world of documentary filmmaking, you don’t always have the luxury of preparing shot lists and blocking scenes. For example, my current documentary project requires a lot of run-and-gun style shooting. This cinema vérité style is probably my favorite type […]

In the Bag: A Freelance Designer’s List of Essential Gear

This list of essential graphic design gear has all of the hardware, software, online tools, and supplies that make freelance designing a breeze. In my decade of working as a freelance graphic designer, I’ve tried and tested all manner of computers, software and gadgets, and not everything has made the grade. But what are the […]

The Creative Projects Keeping These Freelance Illustrators Inspired

Take inspiration from nine illustrators as they share how they find time to work on creative projects and stay motivated and inspired. To help boost your own creativity levels, we asked nine freelance illustrators what projects they’re working on in isolation, how they keep spirits up and motivation levels high, as well as their top […]

The Best Colors for Websites

A site’s color choice can make a huge impact on consumer experience and a business’s overall conversions. Improve your website’s appearance with this guide. Color is critical to a website’s success. The palette itself has the ability to sway consumers and encourage them to make purchasing decisions. In fact, using the right color combinations on […]